Sexually transmitted diseases

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Sexually transmitted diseases

The majority of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and illnesses are spread through sexual interaction. Blood, semen, vaginal fluid, and other bodily fluids can carry the bacteria, viruses, or parasites that cause sexually transmitted illnesses from one person to another.

These infections can occasionally be spread nonsexually, such as when women give birth to their babies or when they receive blood transfusions or share needles.

There are numerous indications and symptoms that an STD or STI may exhibit, including none at all. They might not be recognised until issues arise or a partner is diagnosed because of this.

There are several warning signs and symptoms of a STI, including:

  • pimples or sores in the mouth, rectal area, or on the genitalia
  • scorching or agonising urinating
  • voiding of the penis
    strange or unpleasant vaginal discharge
  • extraordinary vaginal bleeding